Office address change

Dear Customers,

Our Customers Support office has moved to a new location in Yerevan. Our new address is 40/1 Sayat Nova Ave. (Ucom office building, just near Sayat-Nova/Charents crossroad).

Unlimited Internet

Dear Customers,

Starting from June 1 Internet from Netsys becomes Unlimited. No traffic quotas will be applied to Hi-Speed Internet access service packages. Moreover, the data transfer rates within your current Service Package will be significantly increased. Please, refer to Business Broadband Price List for more details.

Office hours change

Dear Customers,

Due to recent changes in Labour Lagislation, starting from 1 September, 2010 our Customer care office will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Customer technical support will still be available over phone.
Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences caused.

Online Payments

New feature – Online Payments - is introduced in our website. It enables you to recharge your account with your ARCA card and get the service of your choice without visiting our office.

Arca Card Master/Maestro Card
Buy Dialup Netcards Online

Please use this section to buy Netcard prepaid cards for Dialup connection.

You must have a debit or credit ARCA card as well as the corresponding virtual card number (you can learn more about it at or Master/Maestro debit or credit card.

Please, specify your e-mail address below, if You want to receive receipt ticket after purchase.

Pay with:    Arca Card Master Card
NetCard Type:   
Email (optional):   
Amount:    800AMD